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Defending You Against Gun Crime Charges

Last updated on November 15, 2023

Maryland is home to some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. Recent gun violence has only increased the severity of the penalties for gun crime convictions. Whether you are facing a simple possession charge or a more serious offense, you need a skilled defense attorney on your side.

The defense lawyers at the Shipley Law Firm have the legal knowledge necessary to develop an effective case strategy no matter the complexity of the charge. A weapons conviction can result in severe penalties such as jail time or the inability to possess a firearm in the future. We will fully investigate your charge and develop a strong, unique defense that protects your rights and your freedom.

You May Be Facing Federal Charges

Even if you were only charged with a misdemeanor, it is important to present an aggressive defense to avoid serious consequences such as high fines, jail time and the prohibition from possessing firearms in the future We will work hard to have your case dismissed or the charges reduced if you are facing any of these firearms charges throughout the Eastern Shore of Maryland:

  • Illegal possession of a firearm
  • Illegal possession of a regulated firearm, such as a handgun
  • Possession of a regulated firearm as a minor
  • Transporting a weapon in a vehicle without a permit
  • Wear and carry a firearm on person without a permit
  • Use of a handgun in the commission of a felony or crime of violence.
  • Felon in possession of a firearm.
  • High-capacity magazine charges
  • AR-15 assault rifle charges

Whether your criminal defense must be handled through state or federal court, our staff of dedicated professionals is ready to help. Based on our firm’s long history of success, we are confident in our ability to effectively defend you — either through negotiating a lesser charge or defending you in court.

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