Post-Trial Remedies

If you have been convicted of a crime in the State of Maryland, you have limited time to explore your post trial remedies. Appeals, post-trial and post-sentencing motions must be filed within strict time limits.

If you are disappointed with the judgment of the court or your sentence contact the Shipley Law Firm to discuss what post trial remedies are available in your case.

POST TRIAL MOTIONS. Defendant may file a Motion for New Trial within 10 days of verdict. The Motion is generally based on one or more of factors: (1) the interests of justice; (2) newly discovered evidence; or (3) fraud, mistake, or irregularity.

POST SENTENCING MOTIONS. Maryland law allows several post sentencing options to Defendants, all of which are extremely time sensitive. The trial court has revisory power over a sentence for 5 years.

  • Application for Review of Sentence by Three-Judge Panel. For sentences longer than 2 years, Defendant may file an Application for Review of Sentence by Three-Judge Panel within 30 days after sentencing. The panel may decrease the sentence, increase the sentence, or leave the sentence unchanged.
  • Motion for Modification or Reduction of Sentence. Defendant may file for Modification or Reduction of Sentence within 90 days after sentencing. The Judge may hold the Motion for up to 5 years before ruling. Unlike the Three-Judge Panel, the sentencing judge may decrease the sentence or leave it unchanged, but may not increase the sentence.
  • Motion to Correct Illegal Sentence. Defendant may file a Motion to Correct an Illegal Sentence at any time following sentencing.

APPEAL. Upon conviction in Maryland, a Defendant has 30 days to file an Appeal. Appellate review can be sought in the Circuit Court, Court of Special Appeals and Court of Appeals. The Appellate process is complicated and requires a skilled attorney, such as those at the Shipley Law Firm.

VIOLATION OF PROBATION HEARINGS. Your freedom may be at risk if you are facing back up/suspended jail time. You could be held without bond pending the VOP Hearing or face parole retake. Contact the Shipley Law Firm for representation at your violation of probation hearing.

EXPUNGEMENT. A criminal record can haunt you for a lifetime. Some violations, depending on outcome, can be expunged (removed) from your record. Call 410-822-7660 for a review of your record to see if expungement is an option for you.